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Customer Service

True Replicas has always prioritized customer’s satisfaction above all other things. We make sure the customer is happy with his purchase and that is why we try our best to ensure a hassle free shopping experience.

Ordering & Payment Options

True Replicas offers its valuable users and customers a fast and secured shopping experience keeping all the steps involved in the checkout procedure, simple yet efficient. The Payment option that we currently have on our store is Secure Debit and Credit card processing. It literally takes lesser than a minute to make the payment successfully complete the order.

Order Confirmation & Tracking

Instantly after an order is placed successfully, the customer gets an order confirmation email depicting that his order was successful and that he will receive a tracking shortly. And when we dispatch an order, the customer gets an email with the complete tracking information.

Shipping & Delivery

All orders come with 100% free shipping for US customers and usually all orders are dispatched within 3 - 5 working days at maximum.

Customer Account

Every customer gets to choose either he wants to create an account with us during the checkout procedure. If the customers selects the option to create an account, he will have complete access to everything he does on our website. He can preview recently seen items, items added to cart, order details and tracking, wishlist, asked questions and many other features.

The customer also has complete access to his personal information like Email ID, Address, Name, Phone etc. and he can change this info whenever he feels like it without going through any difficult procedures.

Contact Options

We provide a lot of ways which can be utilized for means of communication. Customer can either call us on Skype, contact us via the contact form, write us an email, or leave an instant message and get prompt replies on the Live Chat feature. Whatever option you use for contacting us, we will try our best to leave you a reply within 24 hours.